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Welcome to the Department of Psychology

UMass Boston's Department of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts is your gateway to a rich and diverse world of understanding human behavior and cognition. Our dedicated faculty members are both educators and active researchers, offering a range of educational and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

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About Our Department

Psychology is a diverse field united by the common goals of understanding how people think and behave, as well as how various environmental and biological forces shape behavior.

  • Cognitive scientists delve into how individuals perceive, learn, remember, think, and understand.
  • Behavioral neuroscientists explore the intricate relationship between the brain and behavior, alongside evolutionary and biological processes.
  • Developmental psychologists investigate the processes of change and continuity throughout the lifespan.
  • Social psychologists seek to fathom the intricate dynamics of human relationships, both within and among groups.
  • Personality and clinical psychologists focus on understanding individual behavior patterns and implementing interventions to foster change.

Our graduates embark on diverse career paths, including roles as psychologists, social workers, educators, business managers, and human resource specialists.



Michelle Browning
Department Manager & Advising Coordinator