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UMass Boston's Department of Economics in the College of Liberal Arts delves into the fundamental questions that shape our economic world. Our faculty, specializing in diverse approaches, offers innovative curriculum and mentoring, while our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare you for impactful careers in finance, law, public service, and more.

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About Our Department

The Department of Economics boasts distinguished faculty renowned for their high-quality applied economic research, innovative curriculum, and dedicated student mentoring. Our faculty members specialize in various heterodox economic approaches, such as feminist, institutional, behavioral, Marxian, and post-Keynesian perspectives.

Our undergraduate courses cover applied, theoretical, and quantitative analysis, equipping students with valuable skills for careers in finance, law, public service, or further studies in economics and related fields. Additionally, our Applied Economics graduate program provides practical research and analytical tools, preparing students for impactful roles in government, education, NGOs, nonprofits, research, consulting firms, and various private sector industries, including insurance, banking, telecommunications, environmental services, and transportation.