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Welcome to the English Department

With a broad offering of programs, a strong connection to the community, and a socially-engaged faculty committed to their students, the English Department at UMass Boston is an exciting place to be!

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About Our Department

Lots of colleges and universities offer English programs. We believe a combination of advantages uniquely positions this program as the one for students who want to be ready and equipped to advance social change:

  • A university-wide mission to educate and prepare students to advance change in the world
  • Enhanced learning opportunities through the wealth of resources, culture, diversity, and history in Boston and the surrounding region
  • Long-standing community partnerships have our students working as tutors, interns, and volunteers in organizations that focus on social justice, equity, and inclusion
  • A diverse student body that enables students to discuss course materials in a broader context. UMass Boston received the [Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award] from INSIGHT Into Diversity, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education.
  • Faculty committed to the social relevance of literary study and how composition and rhetoric are used to advance ideas
  • Oversight of the university’s ESL program and our faculty’s multi-lingual research show the department’s commitment to supporting multi-lingual students


Why Study English at UMass Boston?

What makes UMass Boston the place to study English?

  • A Strong Engagement with Boston
    As Boston’s only public university, UMass Boston engages with the city, its people, and its resources in ways that enrich our students’ learning experiences and our community:
    • Learning opportunities with field trips to historical literary sites, visits to museums, and hands-on activities at local libraries and archives such as the Boston Athenaeum and our neighbors, the Massachusetts State Archives and the Kennedy Presidential Library.
    • A unique “Experiencing Boston” course sequence that connects literary study to Boston history and culture, focusing on generating creative approaches to studying and experiencing urban space.
    • A course sequence focused on Boston Harbor, the Harbor Islands, and the diverse coastal communities that surround them with a focus on environmental justice.
  • A Socially-Engaged, World-Class Faculty
    The English faculty is committed to the social relevance of literary study and the study of composition and rhetoric, and how they can be used to advance ideas—for better or for worse.
  • A Connection to the Community
    Partnerships with local organizations get our English students out into the community, where they work as interns, tutors, and volunteers, expanding upon their classroom learning.
  • A Diverse Student Body
    This variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences enable students to discuss course material in broader contexts.
  • A Commitment to Multi-Lingual Students
    The English Department directs the university’s ESL Center, which serves students whose native language is not English. The ESL Center offers coursework in speaking, listening, and reading and writing for academic purposes.


Why Major in English

What will you learn in the English programs?

As an English Major you will develop skills and abilities that are always in demand. An English degree on your résumé signals that you can read closely, write clearly, think critically, think creatively, and engage with complex ideas, which are skills employers want.

What can you do with an English Degree?

We know that our students attend college to prepare themselves to be active, engaged members of society and to find success in meaningful careers. Our programs provide a wide range of skills and capabilities that enable students to find success and to make a difference.

  • See Careers in English for information on the wide range of careers and professional opportunities available to English majors.
  • See Alumni Spotlight for stories on recent alumni.


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