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UMass Boston's Department of History in the College of Liberal Arts delves into the complexities of the past, offering valuable skills such as research, writing, analysis, and persuasive reasoning. Discover how societies have navigated change and understand the impact of globalization. Prepare for fulfilling careers, civic engagement, and a life enriched by a deep understanding of our shared history.

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About Our Department

History: it’s all about the present. 

Our courses delve into the lives, cultures, debates, and controversies of the past, allowing us to understand our world today. Through our programs, we cultivate critical thinking, equip you to construct historical narratives, and hone your persuasive argumentation skills. The study of history enriches your private life, empowers you to make informed decisions in the public sphere, and prepares you for careers in law, politics, teaching, journalism, and other fields that demand strong reasoning and writing abilities.

Our undergraduate program offers a wide range of courses covering various regions and eras, designed to accommodate students majoring in other disciplines while also interested in history. In our graduate program, we provide a Master's degree program with a focus on U.S. and European history, culminating in a thesis or capstone paper. Additionally, we offer specialized tracks in Public History and Archives. 



Maureen Dwyer, Department Manager
McCormack Hall Floor: 04, Room: 00623