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Welcome to the History Department at UMass Boston!

Studying history deepens our understanding of the human condition and of how the past continues to shape our lives today. Studying history also provides the skills employers want: research, writing, analysis, persuasive reasoning, evidence-based decision-making. Learning how past societies grappled with complex challenges equips our students for success in a wide range of fields. How many different ways have people structured and managed their relationships with one another at local, national, and global levels? How and why have those structures and relationships changed over time? How has globalization in its many forms shaped daily life, identity, opportunity, and justice in different parts of the world? Studying history not only sheds light on these important questions, but in doing so prepares our students for rewarding careers, civic engagement, and an enriched public and private life.

Our undergraduate program includes a major and minor in History, and our courses contribute to interdisciplinary minors in Native American & Indigenous Studies and Science, Medicine & Society. Our accelerated History BA/MA program enables qualifying students to complete both degrees in five years. Our graduate program offers a Master of Arts degree in one of three tracks (History, Public History, Online History) with completion of a thesis, a capstone project, or a history review essay. Students enrolled in one of our graduate tracks can also enhance their professional development with a Certificate in Public History or a Certificate in History.