UMass Boston

Faculty & Staff

Department Chair & Graduate Program Directors

Department Chair

Heidi Gengenbach

Graduate Program Director

Olivia Weisser

Director of the Public History Track

Jane Becker


Maureen Dwyer


Jane Becker, Lecturer
Vincent J. Cannato, Associate Professor
Kelly Colvin, Assistant Professor
Heidi Gengenbach, Associate Professor
Timothy Hacsi, Associate Professor
Sana Haroon, Associate Professor
Maria John, Assistant Professor
Benjamin D. Johnson, Associate Professor
Nick Juravich, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth McCahill, Associate Professor
Bonnie Miller, Professor
Olivia Weisser, Associate Professor
Roberta L. Wollons, Professor


Judith Babbitts, Associate Lecturer
Maryann E. Brink, Senior Lecturer II
Matteo Casini, Associate Lecturer
Meaghan Duff, Associate Lecturer
Fred Dalzell, Associate Lecturer
Carolyn Goldstein, Lecturer
Kevin Hoskins, Associate Lecturer
Thomas Johnson, Associate Lecturer
Gary M. Miller, Senior Lecturer II
Kevin J. Murphy, Associate Lecturer
Pamela Lee Novick, Associate Lecturer
Lisa R. Vox, Associate Lecturer 
Camille Weiss, Associate Lecturer