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Learn to apply economics principles to real-world situations

As a student in the Economics BA program at UMass Boston, you will develop a deep understanding of economic theory, policy, and data analysis. Learn how to apply economic principles to real-world problems, and prepare for a career in business, finance, government, and beyond.

In this program, you will:

  • Gain a strong foundation in economic theory, including micro and macroeconomic principles, and learn to apply them to on-the-job scenarios
  • Delve deep into data analysis, acquiring the skill you need to collect, organize, and analyze economic data
  • Emerge prepared for a career in economics and related fields with hands-on experience through internships and other opportunities, as well as a strong foundation in theory and research

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Required Courses

Core Requirements (15 Credits):
No course with a grade below C- may be applied toward this requirement.

No courses taken pass/fail may be applied toward this requirement.

  • ECON 101 - Introduction to Microeconomics 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 102 - Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 201 - Microeconomic Theory 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 202 - Macroeconomic Theory 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 205 - Statistical Methods 3 Credit(s) *

* One of the following statistics courses may be used in place of ECON 205:

  • ENVSCI 261 - Statistics for Environmental Science 3 Credit(s)
  • MATH 125 - Introductory Statistics 3 Credit(s)
  • MSIS 111L - Managerial Statistics 3 Credit(s)
  • PSYCH 370 - Statistics 3 Credit(s)

Mathematics Requirement (3 Credits):
A grade of B- or higher is required in either precalculus course.

Students may waive the mathematics requirement by placing into calculus on the proctored ALEKS exam.

  • MATH 129 - Pre-Calculus for Management and Social Science Students 3 Credit(s)
  • MATH 130 - Precalculus 3 Credit(s)

Electives (15 Credits):
Complete five ECON electives from the lists below.

At least two courses must be from the alternative approach list.

At least three courses must be at the 300-level or higher.

Alternative Approach Electives:

  • ECON 214GL - Ecological Economics 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 308 - History of Economic Thought 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 310 - Introduction to Marxist Analysis 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 327 - Political Economy of Development in Africa 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 336 - Economic Development 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 337 - Emerging Economies in Asia 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 338 - The Latin American Economy 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 339 - Political Economy of International Migration 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 345L - Natural Resources & Sustainable Development 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 372 - Comparative Economic Systems 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 391 - Unions and Collective Bargaining 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 395 - The Economics of Social Welfare 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 396 - The Economics of Inequality 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 407 - Advanced Topics in Development Economics 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 420 - Gender and Economics 3 Credit(s)

Other Electives:

  • ECON 212G - Economics of the Metropolitan Area 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 318 - The Economics of State and Local Governments 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 331 - Money and Financial Institutions 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 334 - International Trade 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 335 - International Finance 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 349L - Economic Approaches to Environmental Problems 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 480 - Health Economics 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 390 - Labor Market Economics 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 413 - Advanced Topics in Urban Economics 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 417 - Public Finance 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 435 - The Multinational Corporation 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 452 - Econometrics 4 Credit(s)
  • ECON 453 - Advanced Macroeconomics 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 476 - Internship in Economics 3-6 Credit(s)
  • ECON 479 - Independent Study 1-3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 489 - Senior Honors Project 3 Credit(s)
  • ECON 490 - Senior Honors Thesis 3 Credit(s)

Capstone (3 Credits):
Take one additional economics course at the 400-level from the list of electives above to be counted as the capstone.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Cost & Aid
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Related Minors

Economics Minor
Supplement any major with the versatile minor in economics, which consists of six courses including Econ 101- Introduction to Microeconomics and Econ 202- Introduction to Macroeconomics.

Career Possibilities

Pursue careers in business, using their economics skills to excel in finance, accounting, or data analysis. Improve the world or your local community by entering a governmental role in policy analysis or international trade. Or, start your own consulting firm and lend your expertise to other business owners, large and small. Whatever your goals, UMass Boston is here to support you.

Become a(n):

  • Financial Advisor
  • Accountant
  • Data Scientist
  • Consultant
  • Budgeting Specialist
  • Community Advocate
  • Educator
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