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Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Boston's Office of Environmental Health and Safety

The OEHS Office has the overall responsibility and authority to develop policies, programs, and procedures to maintain a healthy and safe campus environment for all faculty, staff, and students. To advance and support the university's teaching, learning and research activities, all EHS initiatives are built upon best practices, which include applicable federal and state regulation, nationally recognized codes and established professional practices. Program areas include:

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OEHS has an experienced professional staff that operates as a coordinated team working to enhance and support the University's educational and research objectives.

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We are very much interested in getting your comments, suggestions and questions regarding the Office of Environmental Health and Safety department. If you have any, please send us at umbehs@umb.edu or call at 617.287.5445

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Quinn Administration Building
Upper Level, Room 034
Phone: 617.287.5445
Fax: 617.287.3855
Email us: umbehs@umb.edu

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