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Many people say you cannot ‘teach’ entrepreneurship. In some ways that is true: There is an abiding quality about successful entrepreneurs – a sense of where things are going, and a pursuit of opportunities that many of us wouldn’t even envision.  However, every entrepreneur requires a huge amount of skill to launch and sustain their company. It turns out that 80% of the companies that do any amount of business planning are successful beyond the first few years, a result that’s true across industries (research findings from the nationwide Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics, a careful and representative tracking of all nascent startups in the United States).  In this sense there is a huge value in pursuing some training in entrepreneurship. That’s exactly the focus of our program.

MKT 465 – Entrepreneurship Sales and Marketing

Entrepreneurship Sales & Marketing is a course that will prepare you for an entry level sales and marketing position in a startup initiative as well as prepare you to launch your own sales & marketing initiative in your own startup. Live role play scenarios with experienced sales and marketing entrepreneurs will prepare you for the multiple areas of responsibilities and interactions within a startup organization as well as outward facing prospect and customer responsibilities and interactions that are required in a startup. You will be exposed to the overall process and tools that drive a sales/marketing organization in a startup. Students will also be provided preparation assistance and giving priority consideration to the internships offered through UMass Boston's Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP). 

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MGT 469 – Entrepreneurship Practicum

If you have a business/idea that you're in the process of launching or want to launch, MGT 469 Entrepreneurship Practicum may be of interest to you. We will spend the semester test marketing your business description, unique value proposition, market definition, competition, product/service, business model, and legal structure. Experienced CEO, VP Sales/Marketing, VP Development, CFO, and Legal Counsel Entrepreneurs will guess lecture throughout the semester.

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MGT 470 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Organizations

Introduces students to entrepreneurship and small business management. This course focuses on writing business plans, analyzing financial data, and exploring legal issues in the creation of new enterprises. The course also provides students with an opportunity to evaluate their career interests and personal skills in the area of entrepreneurship and small business management.

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MGT 667 – Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship is about inventing new value, by formulating a business opportunity and organizing a venture that makes a contribution to its customers. This course introduces students to the core elements of this process, as well as many aspects of entrepreneurial action, including finding and creating entrepreneurial opportunities, understanding the components of a business model and how to leverage them, analyzing the feasibility of a potential business idea, and making an entrepreneurial contribution in an existing organization. This is a core course in the Entrepreneurship concentration, and is a prerequisite for MGT 469. This course is designed for advanced undergraduates; it will draw on and extend everything you have learned at CM up to now. The course will develop your skills in creativity, problem solving, business research, professional etiquette and high-integrity behavior, and it will offer an opportunity to engage in a “service learning” project, or a research project, with a successful organization in the region.

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MGT 669 - Advanced Entrepreneurship Practicum

The Entrepreneurship Practicum course is a live experience for students who want to participate in the entrepreneurial startup business process. The course is designed for those enrolled in the Entrepreneurship Specialization, and it will also accept selected student on a case by case basis with the requisite experience in and commitment to entrepreneurial and high-tech ventures. In addition to lectures, presentations and in-depth interactions between students and the Entrepreneur in residence each student will participate in an internship or be an employee with a startup company connected to the Venture Development Center or through the university's venture capital backed startup network, or through the students own efforts. Companies must be notified by the student that they are taking this course based on their internship or employment before enrollment in this program. 

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