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Flow Cytometric Analysis and Cell Sorting

Flow Cytometric Analysis and Cell Sorting

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility enables UMass Boston investigators and academic and industry collaborators to carry out basic and translational cellular and molecular biology research.  We leverage cutting-edge technologies for research and clinical applications.  We help investigators and clinicians analyze tissue samples, identify and quantify different populations of cells based on the presence of cell-specific fluorescent signatures, and collect cellular populations of interest for further analysis.

The Flow Cytometry Core at UMass Boston is equipped with a BD FACSAria Fusion. The BD FACSAria-Fusion has green/yellow, blue, red, and near UV lasers, and temperature controlled 2 and 4 way sorting, and sorting in to a 96-well plate. The system is located in a custom-built biosafety hood and is capable of aseptic cell sorting. The facility has removable 70, 85, 100, and 130-μm nozzles capable of analyzing and sorting small (<5 micron) up to large (> 50 micron) particles.


Professor Catherine McCusker, PhD 
Flow Cytometry Core Director


Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Boston, MA 02125