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  • Aseptic sorting of lenti-virus transfected cultured cells for population isolation and enrichment.

  • We have experience sorting and analyzing a variety of different cell types including e.coli, sperm, germ cells, cancer cells, neurons from insect and mammalian models, amphibian cells. 

  • We are able to work with BSL2 samples upon request



BD FACSAria Fusion

The Aria Fusion is an avid cell sorter and analyzer. 

  • Nozzles: 70, 85, 100, and 130-μm nozzles are removable and can be sonicated –capable of analyzing and sorting small (<5 micron) up to large (> 50 micron) particles. 
  • Excitation of fluorescent dyes using yellow/green, red, blue, and near UV lasers 
  • Cellular analysis based on forward and side scatter and detection  
  • Wavelengths Detected from the 375-nm Laser: 450/20-nm Hoechst Blue, DAPI, 670 LP Hoechst Red 
  • Wavelengths Detected from the 488-nm Laser with the 561-nm Laser Installed: 530/30-nm FITC, 695/40-nm PerCP-Cy5.5 or PI, or 675/20-nm PerCP 
  • Wavelengths Detected from the 640-nm Laser: 670/30-nm APC, Alexa Fluor® 647, 780/60-nm APC-Cy7 or APC-H7 
  • Wavelengths Detected from the 561-nm Laser: 582/15-nm PE, DsRed, 610/20-nm PE-Texas Red®, mCherry, PI, 670/14-nm PE-Cy™5 or 710/50-nm PE-Cy5.5 
  • Sorting capabilities: 2 and 4-way sorting in 1.5 ml tubes and 15 ml conical vials, and sorting into 96-well plates 
  • Sorting can be temperature-regulated for sensitive cell populations 
  • Capable of Aseptic cell sorting.  
  • Capable of running BSL2 samples.  



Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Core Director - Dr. Catherine McCusker
Boston, MA 02125