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Elder Economic Security Index Initiative


Home Equity Conversion


Elder Economic Security Index Initiative Reports

The National Elder Economic Security Standard Index (2012) Gerontology Institute

On the Edge: Facing a Challenging and Uncertain Future. Elder Economic Security Standard™ for the Boston Area (2006) L. Henze Russell, E A. Bruce, & J. Conahan

The Elder Economic Security Standard™ Reports for

Colorado (2011) Gerontology Institute

Connecticut (2009) Gerontology Institute

lllinois (2008) Gerontology Institute

Iowa (2011) Gerontology Institute

Massachusetts (2006) L. Henze Russell, E A. Bruce, & J. Conahan

Fact Sheets: The Elder Economic Security Index for Massachusetts Counties (2012):

Michigan (2009) Gerontology Institute

Minnesota (2009) Gerontology Institute

New Jersey (2009) Gerontology Institute

New Mexico (2010) Gerontology Institute

New York (2010) Gerontology Institute

North Carolina (2012) Gerontology Institute

Pennsylvania (2008) Gerontology Institute

South Dakota (2012) Gerontology Institute

Washington (2011) Gerontology Institute

West Virginia (2010) Gerontology Institute

Wisconsin (2008) Gerontology Institute

Please also visit the Wider Opportunities for Women website for further information on the Elder Economic Security Index Initiative

Lifelines for Elders Living on the Edge (2009) L. Henze Russell

Fact Sheet: The Massachusetts Elder Economic Security Index (2011)



The Pension Factor: Assessing the Role of Defined Benefit Plans in Reducing Elder Hardships (2011) F. Porell &  B. Almeida

Fact Sheet: Massachusetts State Public Worker Retirees: How Are They Doing? (2011) E. Bruce

Fact Sheet: Summary of Massachusetts State Pension Reform Law (2011) E. Bruce

Fact Sheet: Protect Your Pension: Important Documents You Should Keep (2012)  M. Midenjak

Fact Sheet: Gender and Marital Status Differences in Retirement Planning (2013) M. Szinovacz

Fact Sheet: What Influences Plans to Work after Ages 62 and 65? (2013) M. Szinovacz

Working Paper

Putting Retirement at Risk: Has Financial Risk Exposure Grown More Quickly for Older Householders than for Younger Ones? (2014) C. Weller & Sara Bernardo

Fun with Numbers: Disclosing Risk to Individual Investors (2011) C. Weller

States to the Rescue: Policy Options for State Government to Promote Private Sector Retirement Savings (2010) C. E. Weller & A. Helburn

Book: Phased Retirement: Who Opts for It and Toward What End? Y-P Chen & J. C. Scott (2006). (Publication ID: 2006-01, Public Policy Institute, AARP)


Home Equity Conversion

Book. Home Equity Conversion. Encyclopedia of Aging, 4th edition. Chen, Y-P. & R. W. McConaghy (2006). (Ed. Richard Schulz.). New York: Springer Publishing Company, pp. 523-525. 2006.

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