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Lab of Neuroepigenetics & Genomics



Some of the epigenetic marks studied by the lab.

The Lab of Neuroepigenetics and Genomics is run by Richard Hunter. As part of the Developmental and Brain Sciences program at UMass Boston, the lab is staffed by a team of doctoral students and undergraduate trainees. Located on the fifth floor in the Integrated Sciences Complex, the lab is equipped to investigate the interaction of psychological stress and the genome--a merging of nature and nurture. 

The lab utilizes cutting-edge molecular and sequencing techniques to examine the mechanisms for the persistent effects of acute and chronic stress. In particular the lab focuses on the hippocampus in a rat model, as well as peripheral biomarkers in human participants.

Richard Hunter, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts
Work Telephone: 617.287.3198
Work Email:
100 Morrissey Blvd. Office Location: McCormack Hall, 04, 00252

Lab of Neuroepigenetics and Genomics

100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125