UMass Boston


The Hunter Lab accepts a select number of undergraduate trainees per semester. Working in the lab is a rewarding experience, and can prepare you for further education or a job in science.

We are searching for motivated undergraduate volunteers who:

  1. Can commit to at least one year of work in the lab.
  2. Can work at least 10 hours a week in the lab.
  3. Have completed at least one science laboratory course (Bio, Chem, etc).
  4. Can attend a weekly lab meeting.

Volunteer expectations include:

  1. Completing a month-long probationary training before moving on to other projects
  2. Working with current students on their projects
  3. Cleaning and restocking
  4. Journal article paper presentation during a lab meeting each semester
  5. Following lab rules

If you meet this criteria, and want to volunteer in the Hunter Lab, please fill out our google form:

Thank you for your interest in our lab, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Lab of Neuroepigenetics and Genomics

100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125