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Nursing student sits on ground in campus center with laptop smiling.

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UMass Boston welcomes, champions, and celebrates diversity. We are proud to be the most diverse college campus in New England, and the third most diverse in the U.S. Become a Beacon and enrich our community with your unique background and experience.

Harley smiles standing in Uhall lobby.
UMass Boston is a very diverse school. A lot of schools claim that they are, but I feel it here. I've always embraced my self-expression with my tattoos and then being in the queer community, and I've always felt accepted here. 
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Anjali in nursing scrubs stands in nursing lab.
I'm a first-generation student. My parents didn't get the opportunity to graduate from college, and to be here I'm not only fulfilling my dream, but I'm fulfilling my family dream—my parents' dream. 
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Stefan sits in the cafeteria looking thoughtfully at camera.
I work at Fenway, I study at UMass Boston, I live in Charlestown. Being here  is really a dream come true for me. I can't even actually believe that this is my life. I'm really excited for my future because it looks so different than what I had planned and what I thought. This injury started off as something I thought was going to end my life, and it ended up opening so many doors—and UMass Boston was one of them.
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Eden wearing cooking uniform stands in Campus Center kitchen.
The thing about UMass Boston is the professors are very passionate about what they teach... They're able to open a lot of doors, and they do provide a lot of resources for you.
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Mya-Jai holds flute smiling in the auditorium.
When it comes to my impact on the world, I want it to be through music. And hopefully what I teach my students, they can teach to their students, creating music together to bring a positive change to the world.
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Valerie stands in lobby of Uhall.
First day at campus, I was really scared because it was a different language, a different culture. My whole life changed, but everyone was so welcoming and made me feel safe. I was really happy. It was a huge opportunity. It was a new start in my life. I want to be an ambassador because I want to give voice to those people that don't have a voice.
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Our People

International flags on railings in campus center view from balcony.
of new students identify as BIPOC
Stefan sits in wheelchair talks with two students in cafeteria.
of new students are the first in their family to go to college
Student poses in front of ISC railing.
countries are represented on UMass Boston’s campus
International student stands in front of flags on balcony in Campus Center.

Boston Connection

Take the free shuttle to public transit and head to an internship downtown, catch a play in the Theater District, or cheer on the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Try a bánh mì sandwich in Dorchester or explore the murals in Roxbury. Become a part of this thriving, energetic city.