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Building Collaborative Leaders


For nearly two decades, the Center for Collaborative Leadership has actively developed our future leaders. With close to 800 alumni from notable companies in the greater Boston area, the Center has been working hard to ensure that our future will be in capable hands. Through our marquee program, The Emerging Leaders Program, our center takes the idea of collaboration and implements it as a foundation for becoming an inclusive leader in one’s community and work. 

The Center has also been a strong advocate of shaping leaders from all backgrounds. We believe that good leadership comes from a willingness to collaborate and a curiosity to learn and be open-minded. In fact, we define collaborative leadership as a process built on teamwork, trust, and respect for diversity of thought. The process enables people to lead while encouraging leadership in others. The impact of collaborative leadership is that it provides a means to achieve far better results than any one leader can accomplish on their own. That is why our Center invites leaders of all ethnicities, sex, age, sectors, industries, and disciplines to collaborate with, learn from, and grow with one another. 


These pie charts are a representation of our 2002-2021 cohort fellows.   




Partners Since Inception

The Center for Collaborative Leadership has been supported by many key organizations in the Greater Boston over the years. Of them all, we are proud and grateful to recognize the four organizations who have been with us since the inception of our program. With their support, we have continued to grow and gain more partners to join our mission of developing collaborative leaders.




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Our Fellows and Alum

To learn more about the Center’s journey and accomplishments in fostering leaders, click here. And this is what our alum have to personally say about their time with us: 

"The program fosters an extremely potent bonding experience within teams and with the entire ELP cohort. The intellectual and personal engagement is singular and is, I think, what makes the program so transformational." — Beth Miller, 2014

"Working with people I would never have met in life outside of this program was easily the biggest benefit to me." — Michael Visocchi, 2015

Find out how the Emerging Leaders Program can transform your leadership pipeline by turning collaboration from a buzzword to the way you do business.