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Pre-Doctoral Students




Quentin D'Arcy is a pre-doctoral student in the Molecular Cellular and Organismal Biology program at UMass Boston. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology as part of the Commonwealth Honors College at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2012, then worked as a microbiologist for several years in the in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  Quentin joined the Macoska laboratory in Fall 2020 and his dissertation research will focus on IL-4/IL-13 activation of JAK/STAT signaling pathways that promote tissue fibrosis.



Marissa Sarna-McCarthy is a pre-doctoral student in the Molecular Cellular and Organismal Biology program at UMass Boston. Marissa earned a Bachelor of Science degree and graduatd Magna Cum Laude from Bay Path University in 2019, then worked as a chemistry laboratory preparatory technician prior to joining the Macoska Laboratory in Fall 2020.  Marissa's dissertation research will focus on IL-4/IL-13-mediated apoptotic resistance in fibrosis.


Delaney Bowen is a Master's student in the Molecular Cellular and Organismal Biology program at UMass Boston. Delaney earned a Bachelor of Science degree with Distinction and graduatd Summa Cum Laude from The University of Massachusetts in 2021.  She is also a certifed EMT and certified Nurse Assistant.  Delaney's Master's Thesis research will focus on the role(s) of regulatory RNAs in the development and progression of lower urinary tract fibrosis. 




Susan Patalano-Salsman s a Master's student in the Molecular Cellular and Organismal Biology program at UMass Boston. Susan earned a Bachelor of Science degree and graduatd Magna Cum Laude from The University of Massachusetts in 2016.  She is the Manager of the University of Massachusetts Boston Genomics Core. Susan's  Master's Thesis research will focus on bioinformatics analysis approaches to single cell RNA sequencing data.


Undergraduate Students


Past Graduate Students

2014-2021             Justin Cotellessa, PhD

2015-2021             Alisa Zhilin-Roth, PhD

2014-2017             Timothy Belford, MS 

2008-2015             Jose Rodriguez-Nieves, PhD

2009-2012             Gwyneth Halstead-Nussloch, MS


Past Research Assistant Professors


2006-2014 Sathish Kasina, PhD                                            
2015-2016 Jessica Grimsby, PhD
2006-2018 Mehrnaz Gharaee-Kermani, DVM, PhD


Past Post-Doctoral Fellows


2018-2020 Mathilde Bonnemaison, University of Massachusetts   


Jose Rodriguez-Nieves, PhD, University of Michigan



Kristy McDowell, PhD, Adjunct Lecturer, University of Maryland



Chris Hall, PhD, Research Investigator, University of Michigan



Shreelekha Adsule, PhD, Research Investigator, Pune, India



Hassan Chaib, PhD, Assistant Professor, Kuwait University



Rajiv Kant, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Bangalore, India



Tracey Schwab, PhD, Assistant Professor, Washtenaw Community College



Keow Mei Goh, MD, Private Practice, Ann Arbor, MI



Michael Haggman, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair of Urology, Univ.Uppsala, Sweden



Margaret Wolf, MD, Private Practice, Clinton, IA



Levent Turkeri, MD, PhD, Professor of Urology, Marmara Univ., Turkey



Past Visiting Scholars



Julyanna A. Peny, Biotechnology (BS), Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 


Flavia Delella, Sao Paulo Research Foundation, Sao Paulo, Brazil 


Past Undergraduate Students


2013-2014        Mengjin Li                            B.S., Biology, 2015

2013-2014        Huong Tang                              B.S., Biology, 2016, Nursing Student, Northeastern University

2014-2016        Diego Almanza                         B.S., Biology, 2016, Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Cancer Biology, Stanford University

2015-2017        Susan Patalano-Salsman         B.S., Biology, 2016, Genomics Core Manager, University of  Massachusetts Boston                    

2016-2017        Nicole Ocasio                           B.S., Biology, 2017,Research Associate, DFCI

2016-2017        Megi Resulaj                             B.S., Biology, 2017, M.D. Candidate, Tufts Medical School

2017                 Priscilla Abedu                          B.S. Biology 2018 Master's Program in Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University

2017                 Miguel Jiminez-Cruz                 B.S., Cell and Molecular Biology, 2020, Northeastern University,

2018                 Usman Ali Ahmed                     B.S. Biology, 2021, Research Technician, DFCI

2018                 Noah Wambolt                          B.S. Biology, 2020,  Assoc. Chemist, Smithers Environmental

2019                 Elizabeth MacDonald                B.S. Biology, 2020,  Research Assoc.,UMass Chan Medical School

2021                 Ildiko E. Fulop                           B.S. Biology, 2021, Research Technician, DFCI



University of Michigan:

Period             Name                                      Current Position

1995-1998       Joseph Washburn                  Graduate (BS, 1998), V.P, Lab Operations, Strata Oncology

1998-1999       Mark Myelin                            Graduate (BS, 1999)

1998-1999       Kai Lee                                    Graduate (BS, 2001)

1998-1999       Tylitha Stewart                        Graduate (BS, 2001), Senior Category

                                                                        Manager, Microsoft

2000                Lisa Cunningham                    Graduate (BS, 2001)

2001                Alaina Powell                          Graduate (BS, 2001)

2002                Jamal McClendon, Jr.             Graduate, Duke University (BS, 2003)

2003                Meghann Stricker                   Graduate (BS, 2005)

2003-2005       Christine L. Monteleon           Graduate (BS, 2005), Molecular Engineer at Emerald Therapeutics

2004-2006       Adam Admon                          Graduate (BS, 2007)


Jill Macoska

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