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Nantucket Field Station

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The Nantucket Field Station, a facility of UMass Boston's School for the Environment, is a 107-acre field site of pristine salt marsh, rolling uplands, and harbor waterfront which provides education, research, and community service. 

The Nantucket Field Station serves as a living laboratory for scientific exploration and discovery. With its diverse habitats Nantucket Island offers a rich tapestry for studying coastal ecology, marine life, and biodiversity. As a student or researcher, you'll have unparalleled access to this vibrant ecosystem, enabling you to conduct hands-on fieldwork and contribute to important environmental research.


Contact Us

Nantucket Field Station
180 Polpis Road
Nantucket, MA

Phone: 508.228.6268
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Spring/Summer: 9 AM-7 PM
Fall/Winter: 9 AM - 4:30 PM
(or by appointment)

K-12 Experiences

NFS offers the following educational opportunities:

  • Field Trips by Arrangement
  • Science Mentoring and Internships
  • Visits to your Classroom

The UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station works throughout the year in conjunction with the Nantucket public and private schools and many island partners to provide meaningful hands-on educational experiences for the Nantucket community. We are available to work with students of all ages on specific themed classes such as Marine Biology, Oceanography, Chemistry, Paleontology, Geology, and Environmental Science. Classes can visit the field station.

Questions? Contact the director at

The field station links Nantucket to University of Massachusetts faculty and students, and to universities and nonprofit science centers around the world. The island’s vast expanses of protected open space provide professors, postdoctoral scientists, graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting scientists with a wealth of research and educational opportunities. NFS also offers students university courses, independent study, internships, and group visits.