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Seminars, Webinars and Podcasts


Recorded UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station seminars, talks and podcasts.

These recordings are also found on the UMass Nantucket Field Station Youtube Channel, most are approximately one hour and some feature multiple researchers speaking jointly about their interesting work. 

Red Knots and Ecosystem Protection Dr. Larry Niles

Big Fish in New England: Strategies for Strandings and Research Activities. Carol "Krill" Carson

Microplastics Around Nantucket Dr. Juanita Urban Rich

Biological Control and Invasive Knotweed Management in the Northeast: the Lessons Learned and Direction of Future Management for Nantucket. Dr. Jeremy Andersen

HPAI Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Podcast (10 minutes) Dr. Nichola Hill

Birds and Bird Flu in a Changing World:the Spread of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in North America. Dr. Nichola Hill

Seal Research Chat Dr Stephanie Wood, Dr Wendy Puryear, Dr Andrea Bogolmoni

African American Archaeology on Nantucket Lissa Herzing

Nantucket Tick Talk 50 Years of Nantucket Fever and What We Have Done About It Dr Sam Telford 

Nantucket Tick Gam Dr Sam Telford, Dr Malcom McNabb

Microplastics on Nantucket Dr Juanita Urban-Rich

Climate and Consumption: The Role of Species Expansion and Predator-prey Dynamics Dr Marc Hensel and Michael Roy 

The Macroinvertebrate Fauna of Nantucket's Perennial and Ephemeral Streams. Greg Whitmore

Plants vs Pollution Salicornia depressa as a Potential Tool for Bioremediation Alice Palmer

Not All Nitrogen is Created Equal Dr Jennifer Bowen

Engineering a Reduction of Algal Blooms and PFAS and from Water. Dr Yang Yang

The Future of Plastics and Invention Through Nature's Mechanisms Dr John Warner

Every Bird Counts: The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) Edie Ray, Libby Buck

All Birds Counted! Results of the Nantucket CBC Edie Ray, Libby Buck