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Gladys Lebrón-Martínez

Western Massachusetts and Campaigns: Women of Color Running for Office

Gladys Lebrón-Martínez's project aimed to document and analyze the resources that exist and are utilized by women of color, especially Latinas, running for elected office in Western Massachusetts. Lebrón-Martínez recruited nine Latinas from Western Massachusetts who ran for political office during the last four decades to participate in a focus group to share their experiences of running for elected office. She identified the importance of networks and mentors; financial, emotional, and community support; and leadership pipelines to advance the political leadership of women of color in this region of the Commonwealth. The English and Spanish videos below as well as the summary and presentation on the right provide more detail about Lebrón-Martínez’s project, findings, and recommendations.

Learn more about Lebrón-Martínez’s project, findings, and recommendations through her:

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