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Frequently Asked Questions

--How do I place an order?
Please use our online ordering system:

Business Card Questions

--How do I place an order?
Please use our online ordering system:

--Is there a written Business Card policy?
Yes!  you can find it here:

--What is the policy regarding names and job titles?
All UMass Boston business cards must contain an employee's name and title.
Only official UMass Boston employee job titles may be used and the name must be listed in the UMass Human Resources employee system.
If the name or job title requested for your business card order does not match the name or job title in the UMass Human Resources employee system, you will be notified.
Requests to use a different name or title will be referred to HR for review. That process can be lengthy.

--What is an Administrative Unit?
Administrative Unit is a term used in the UMass Boston Brand Manual and it refers to your department name. All UMass Boston business cards must contain a department name.

--Can I type my name, title and department in ALL CAPS?
NO. Use title case only, with the exception of words such as “and”, “or”, etc.

--Can I change the fonts or ink colors?
No. The fonts, font sizes, and ink colors are preformatted in accordance with the UMass Boston Brand Manual and cannot be changed.

--What mailing addresses are allowed?
Only UMass Boston official mailing addresses,or those of university institutes and offices located off campus, are permitted.

--How are phone and fax numbers formatted?
ONLY UMass Boston telephone numbers are allowed. There is only room for two.
Numbers will be separated by dots.
You can choose from the following descriptions: Direct, Main, Cell, Fax, or TTY; or you may leave that blank.

--Where can I print the College, Institute, or Sub-Unit names?
Use the “Two-Line Department” business card template.
It is customary to list the Sub-Unit first and then the College, Institute or Administrative Unit below.

--Can you print UMass Boston business cards for students?
Not at this time.

--What is the policy on web addresses (URLs)?
Only UMass Boston URLs are allowed.
There is only room for one URL, and it cannot exceed 34 characters.
Permitted URLs include the UMass Boston home page, college-specific sites, and departmental sites.

--What is the policy on email addresses?
ONLY UMass Boston email addresses are allowed. There is only room for one.

--I want to have my pronouns listed on my cards but I don't see an entry for that.  What do I do?
We are happy to put your pronouns on your cards. Until we are able to automate the process, please use the "Notes" field (found in the shopping cart window) to give us your pronouns.
Please be aware that space issues limit us to printing only 4 of these 5 pieces of information:
Phone #1, Phone #2, Email address, Pronouns, & URL. 

--I can not view an online proof and I suspect that even after using one of the “Two-Line” templates my department name or title is still too long for the specified fields.
Your order will require customized typesetting.
Step 1: order the Typeset Intervention Business Card and note your job number.
Step 2: complete and send the Typeset Intervention Request Form, referencing the job number from step 1.
Quinn Graphics will require extra time to produce a proof that will be sent to you for approval before printing.

--Is there a sample page of Business Card templates?
Yes!  Here's a link to it:  Business Card Samples

--Who do I contact if I have additional questions regarding business card policies and printing?
Email:  or

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Large Format Poster Questions

--How do I place an order?
Please use our online ordering system:

--How long does it take to get a poster made?
If your file is ready to print when we receive your order, we should be able to get it printed in 2 business days*.
If anything is wrong with your file, however, there could be significant delays as we work with you to make a print-ready file.
   *Please note that our hours are 8:30-5:00, Mon-Fri.

--How big are the posters?
The most commonly requested sizes are:

--Can you print other sized posters?
Yes!  Our large format printers can handle jobs up to 59 inches wide.  

--What kind of material are posters printed on?
The most commonly used material for posters are
 - Matte Paper and
 - Vinyl
 Depending on your needs and our inventory, however,  we may be able to help you with other materials.
Please contact us if you have a specific substrate in mind.

--What are my mounting options?
The most common mounting options are
 - Foam Core (white or black) and
 - Coroplast
 Depending on your needs and our inventory, however,  we may be able to help you with other materials.
Please contact us if you have a specific mounting option in mind.

--How much will it cost?
Because the costs change with each option, it is not feasible to list every price here.  To give you a starting point, however, an unmounted 18x24" paper poster would cost about $27.00.
Please contact us so we can work with you and your budget.
--How big should I make my poster?
Please make sure you create your file at the size you wish to print it.  
Resizing the file can do strange things to your presentation so creating it to your preferred printed size will minimize those issues.

--Do you care what type of file I send you?
PDF is the preferred format but we can work with many others.  If you're not sure, please ask us.

If you're not sure about any of the steps, please don't hesitate to ask us.
We would much rather talk to you early in the process than have you submit a job that needs revisions.

Send us an email at or call us at 617-287-5020.

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Stationery Questions

--How do I place an order?
Please use our online ordering system:

--What are the UMass Boston letterhead and envelope printing options?
1. Single Line - Department/Unit Name
2. 1-Line Department + Division/College Line
3. 2-Line Department + Division/College Line
4. General UMB address

--Can I change the fonts or ink colors?
No. The fonts, font sizes, and ink colors are formatted in accordance with UMass Boston Branding requirements and cannot be changed.

--What will print on the Generic Letterhead?
The official UMass Boston logo and the following address lines:
  University Massachusetts Boston
  100 Morrissey Boulevard, Boston, MA 02125-3393
  P 617.287.5000 |

--What can you tell me about Business Reply Mail envelopes?
There are three business reply mail envelope offerings online.
The decision of which one to use is based on the size of the envelope and the expected weight of the envelope and its returned content.

No. 9 size envelope, one ounce option, will fit into an outgoing No. 10 envelope for return paid
postage purposes. One ounce is the weight of the envelope plus the expected weight of up to four
sheets of bond paper being returned to UMass Boston with the postage paid service.

No. 9 size envelope, two ounce option, will fit into an outgoing No. 10 envelope for return paid
postage purposes. Two ounces is the weight of the envelope plus the expected weight of five or
more sheets of bond paper being returned to UMass Boston with the postage paid service.

Booklet size envelope, with a dimension of 8.5 x 11.5, will accommodate a heavier flat document.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions regarding stationary policies and printing?
Email: or

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Roadway / Directional / Wind Sign Questions

--How do I place an order?
Please use our online ordering system:

--What are the Media stock options?
    Heavyweight Matte
        -Standard Sign
        -Lasts Longer
        -Reflective at night
        -Lasts Longer

--What is the viewable area?
The sign's viewable area is 27 inches wide by 43 inches tall.

--What is the recommended type size?
The recommended type size for roadway signage is 3” or 325 point.

--How many characters can I use?
For best viewing, we suggest no more than 60 to 70 total characters.
Fewer characters will have more impact and be easier to read.

--Are there any Image options?
Yes!    Available images include arrows, parking symbols and accessibility symbols.
Use of symbols will impact available space and the number of characters that can be included.

--Anything else I should know?
These signs are temporary and movable, however the signs are enclosed in sturdy weather-resistant frames.  
The frames can display on both front and back sides.

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Course Packet and Copyright Questions

--Can Quinn Graphics copy and sell my course packet to my students?
If you create all the materials in your course packet we can print it and sell it to your students.
Quinn Graphics can only sell non-copyrighted materials.

--Can you mail course packets to students who are learning remotely?
Yes. We are working on establishing a simple method for this. Please contact us for details:

--When do I need to submit my materials to have a course packet for the semester?
Your materials should be submitted at least two weeks before classes start.
Please add an additional 2 weeks if you expect students to receive them by mail.

--What if I have copyrighted materials?
The UMass bookstore and the Healey Library reserve desk can help you with your packet.

--Can I get articles copied for my class at Quinn Graphics?
You may have one article printed for your class after you fill out a fair-use slip.
You are allowed to do this 9 times per semester for each of your classes. You may not copy/print multiple articles at one time.

--What about if I wrote the article?  Do I still need to use a fair use slip to get copies for my class?
You may copy the article without filling out a fair use slip if the article has not been published.
If it was published, please fill out a fair use slip.

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General Printing Questions

--How do I place an order?
Please use our online ordering system:

—What other cool things can you do?
Our large-format printers can print on a variety of substrates which gives us a lot of options. 
We also have a contour cutter so you're not always limited to straight edges!

Have a big empty space that needs 'something'?
-- We can print on adhesive-backed substrate for putting images on walls. 
Need signs on your floor?
-- We have substrates designed to be walked on, even in high-traffic areas.
We can even give your windows a frosted look if you like.

Have a project in mind?  Please talk with us.

--What is the preferred format for print jobs?
A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is the preferred and recommended file format to submit your digital project to be printed at Quinn Graphics.

--Can you design a project for me?
Yes.  Unfortunately, we don't have a full-time designer on staff so there may be some time constraints with design projects. Please plan accordingly.  Additionally, there is a separate charge for time we spend on design.

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Proofing Questions

We can not put enough emphasis on the importance of proofing your job.  
We encourage all our customers to review proofs for all aspects of printing.

--I've already proofread the job, the spalling and grammar are fine.**
At this point in your project we hope that spelling and grammar have already been reviewed, but please check it again anyway. Even better, have someone else proofread it for you: you know what it's supposed to say and may miss something.
It is much better to catch a typo now than after you've paid for 1,000 copies of it.

--I already know what it looks like, why do I have to look at your proof?
You know what your document looks like on YOUR computer monitor or printed from YOUR printer but fonts and images can differ vastly from one printer to the next. It is critical that you see and approve how it looks when printed from OUR machines. 

--What should I be looking for when I review a proof?
  Type of stock
  Size of the stock
  Orientation of the stock
  Text placement
  Font substitution
  Image quality
  Acceptable color reproduction
  Fold placement
  Staple placement
  Accurate cut
  Binding selection

**Hey! You misspelled 'spelling'!
Yes.  See how important it is to proofread your work?

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--I need to scan some files. What do I need to know?
First you should consider how you would like to use the scanned image.
Is it for web display?
Will it be enlarged?
Do you intend to email it?
Do you intend to print it?

Before you start scanning you need to determine what resolution, measured in dots per inch (dpi), you will need.
The dpi setting will affect both your file size and how it looks. Here are some general guidelines:

Resolution Good for Not as Good for
200 dpi Emailing, Web Viewing Photo Printing
300 dpi Emailing, Printing Photo Printing
400 dpi Photo Printing Emailing
600 dpi Photo Printing, Line Art Emailing

--I have a document that I would like to scan and then change or edit some words in the document, is this possible?
The scanners built into the managed Multi-Function Devices are not equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software so those scans, though of high quality, are not editable.

--Can you do the scanning for me?
Yes.  We'll still need to know how you plan to use it so we get the right resolution and there will be a charge for our time.

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Variable Data

(AKA Mail Merge or Personalized Data Project)

--What is a variable data project? And can you help me print one?
Yes! An example of this would be a form letter that needs to go out to many recipients. The body of the letter contains information that does not change (static information) but the recipient's name and address (variable information) will change for each copy of the letter.  (Other examples of personalized printing include postcards and mailing labels.)

Once you have composed the letter (or postcard) in a static information file (Microsoft Word, for instance) and have a data file (Microsoft Excel) of your intended recipients, you would merge the data file with the static information as a new file and send it to Quinn Graphics for printing, we call this merge up-stream.  

Alternatively, you could supply Quinn Graphics with separate files of the static and variable data then we would merge and print them, we call this merge down-stream.

--For what size should I design my postcard?
USPS Postcard dimensions  are
Min: 3.5 x 5  Max: 4.25 x 6


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