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Policy Reference Page

Here are some quick links and info to commonly searched for policies.

Where can I access Curriculog - Curriculum Management System

Curriculog can be accessed on its website

Where can I find info about Academic Integrity?

Please visit the Academic Integrity at UMass Boston page for more info.

Why can't I enter an INC grade on my roster?

Incomplete grades are processed by the Registrar's Office upon submission of the Incomplete contract by the faculty member. If you need a copy of the contact, please email

Incomplete Grade Policy

Where do I refer a student who has a disability and needs extra academic support?

Information about Disability Services, also know as the Ross Center
If you have questions you can email them @

Where can I find the Attendance Policy?

The Attendance Policy can be found on the Class Attendance Policy page. 

What is the last date of attendance?

The University does not require that instructors to take attendance in their courses. The U.S. Department of Education, however, requires (34 CFR 668.22) the Office of Financial Aid to determine if a student who receives financial aid and fails to earn a passing grade in a course has actually attended and/or completed the course, or if they withdrew from a course without providing the university official notification. In addition, for students who officially withdraw we are required to document that they also began attending the course(s) from which they withdrew in order to determine the type and amount of financial aid they may be eligible to retain. Because a student could be a financial aid applicant at any point during the academic year, we must collect this information for all students, so that financial aid eligibility can be accurately determined.

You will be asked to mark one of the following options:

  • Student Completed Class - select this option if student attended class for the entire term and earned an 'F'.
  • Student Never Attended - select this option if student never attended class.
  • Date Student Last Attended - If attendance is regularly taken for your class, use the last date the student attended class. If you do not take attendance, you should provide the date of the last known academically-related activity. Examples of academically-related activities are: taking an examination or quiz, tutorials, computer-assisted instruction, completing an academic assignment, paper, or project, or attending a study group required by the university where attendance is taken.

Example: A quiz was given on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 and the student has a grade. After that date, there are no academically-related activities. In this case, the date '11/24/15' is entered as the last date of attendance.

FAQ's on Last Date of Attendance

What policies and practices exist on campus for use of Pronouns?

Where can I find more information on Diversity policies and practices?

For more information on Identity-Based Support and Resources at UMass Boston; Please visit All of Us & Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Diversity Resources 

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