Advancing Ocean and Coastal Management

The Urban Harbors Institute, an institute within the School for the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Boston, utilizes policy, scientific, planning, and management expertise to assist governments and communities in addressing the complexities and issues associated with harbors and coastal areas. UHI's mission is to promote thriving ocean and coastal communities and sustainable natural resources through research, planning, engagement, and education.

As a research institute at the university, UHI brings a comprehensive well-balanced and academic approach to providing expert advice on environmental problems and issues. The institute offers technical assistance and advisory services in fields such as urban planning, coastal and harbor planning, environmental education, natural resource management, marine industry master planning, water transportation, and geographical information systems.

While UHI generally focuses on urban marine and watershed issues in New England, we have worked with governments, non-government organizations, and marine industry representatives throughout the U.S. and internationally.

UHI was founded to provide accessible expertise in policy issues pertaining to the ocean and coastal environment. While the nature of projects has changed over the past decades, UHI continues to works with NGOs, governments, communities, and academics to address important ocean and coastal topics.