UMass Boston


Who We Are 

Founded in 1989 as part of the cleanup of Boston Harbor, UHI works closely with governments, marine industry representatives, non-governmental organizations, and members of the public to understand and address a wide variety of ocean and coastal topics. UHI’s work occurs at the local, regional, state, federal, and international levels. 

What We Do 

Provide research, technical assistance, and advisory services 

UHI offers assistance in fields such as: 

  • Coastal and harbor planning  
  • Natural resource management 
  • Climate change
  • Working waterfronts
  • Coastal laws and regulations
  • Environmental justice 
  • Community engagement and education
  • Water transportation
  • Geographical information systems  

Advance research and knowledge sharing 

UHI collaborates with partners to build networks dedicated to advancing thriving coastal communities and healthy ecosystems in Massachusetts and beyond. As a facilitator, manager, and convener of networks, webinars, and events, UHI aims to create space for productive conversations, information sharing, and capacity building.  

Educate the next generation of ocean and coastal professionals 

UHI provides UMass Boston’s diverse student body with hands-on experiences, preparing them for jobs after graduation. As employees, interns, volunteers, and program participants, students work on solving real-world problems while gaining important skills such as critical thinking, project management, and networking.