at the University of Massachusetts Boston

If you have ever thought to yourself, “Maybe I should become a teacher,” here’s how to find out!

As early as your very first semester, our Step 1 course puts you and a partner in a classroom, teaching kids. You get lots of hands-on guidance and help from our experienced Master Teachers. The UTeach Boston Program lets you explore teaching to see if it’s the right path for you.

And if teaching is what you want to do, you’ll be happy to know that you can complete both the Bachelor of Science and teacher certification in four years.

Whether you join UTeach as a freshman or later on in your college career, UTeach advisors are there to help you along the way.

The UTeach program can really make UMass Boston a great place to be. We have our own workroom on the 4th floor of the Wheatley Building, where UTeach students work on math and science classes together, plan lessons, and just relax. Our offices are right next door and there’s always someone to talk to.

UTeach Kicks Off at UMass Boston
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