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The College of Science and Mathematics is strongly committed to providing the best educational opportunities and resources for our undergraduate and graduate students. This includes an active research faculty to provide a proper background in experimental research for students and the scientific community.

In our vision, research and teaching cannot be separated. A spirit of collaboration exists across departments because modern science requires interdisciplinary approaches. In research labs, undergraduate students work with graduate students and faculty, and the practices that undergraduates learn in the research lab are carried over into their work in the public and private sector.

The array of new instruments and technologies that drives this laboratory-based understanding includes: imaging facilities with Confocal Microscope for looking into the dynamics of macromolecules within cells;in situ environmental sensing devices to monitor changes in harbor waters; a computer cluster for bioinformatics, bio-mathematics, photonics and genomics analysis. Excellent scientists have joined the faculty of UMass Boston, in part, because it is perceived to be a top-level research university that maintains a strong teaching mission and a uniquely diverse student body.

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A UMass Boston student volunteers at a free clinic through Kenya Heart and Sole, one of the college’s global initiatives.

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College of Nursing and Health Sciences faculty tackle malnutrition in China, health disparities in Korea

“Our mission is to provide services and opportunity to populations who are in need.”

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