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Sociology Minor

Uncover the Social Dynamics of Human Behavior.

Are you curious about the factors that influence human behavior within various social contexts? Do you want to examine critical social issues and inequalities? If so, the Sociology Minor program at UMass Boston is a great opportunity for you. 

The Sociology Minor explores the study of how individuals and groups function in various social contexts. Through this program, you’ll learn about the complexities of human behavior, social structures, and the dynamics of society. 

A Sociology Minor complements many different majors and can enhance your career prospects. After finishing the program, you can go on to a career as a social researcher, policy analyst, community outreach specialist, sociology educator, or social justice advocate.

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How To Apply/Declare

Current Undergraduate Students: Declare or change your minor by completing an Undergraduate Program Add/Change form.

Prospective Undergraduate Students: Apply for admission to UMass Boston by completing an application. Start by reviewing the first-year and transfer application pages for important information about requirements, deadlines, and application status checks. Use the links below to apply: 

Apply as a First-Year Student

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Introductory Course (3 Credits)

  • SOCIOL 101 - Introduction to Sociology 3 Credit(s)

Theory and Research Courses (6 Credits)

Take the two courses from the list below. If you're a Criminal Justice major and you've already taken SOCIOL 351L, you may take any other 300-level sociology or criminal justice course for this requirement.

  • SOCIOL 201 - Sociological Theory 3 Credit(s)
  • SOCIOL 202 - Methods of Sociological Research 3 Credit(s)

Electives (9 Credits)

Take three additional SOCIOL courses at any level except for first-year seminar courses. At least one course must be 300-level or higher.

Completion Requirements

Complete 18 credits from six courses, including one introductory course, two theory and research courses, and three electives.

Pass/fail: No more than one course taken pass/fail may be applied toward the minor.
Residency: No more than three courses from another institution may be applied toward the minor (exception: all sociology courses taken at another UMass school will be accepted). SOCIOL 201 and 202 may only be applied toward the major if transferred from four-year institutions.
Course limitations: No more than one internship course may be applied toward the minor. Graduate courses in Sociology may not be used toward the minor.
Course level: No more than two 100-level courses may be applied toward the minor.


Reef Youngreen, PhD, Sociology Department Chair
Wheatley Hall, 4th Floor, Room 13
reef.youngreen [@]

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