UMass Boston

Requirements & Procedures

Application Process

  1. Be sure you have created your UMass Boston Abroad Profile
  2. Verify your Eligibility
  3. Check your Academic Requirements
  4. Choose your Program
  5. Get your courses pre-approved for transfer
  6. Apply Now through the UMass Boston Study Abroad Portal (ViaTRM)
  7. Once you have been accepted, complete all post-acceptance requirements and prepare to go abroad.


Eligibility requirements vary from program to program. As you explore programs, look closely at their requirements. Students must:

  • Be in good academic standing (GPA requirements vary by program, and are in general between a 2.5-3.0. Students must check the individual GPA requirements of their program)
  • Not be on probation (academic or disciplinary) during any part of the proposed period of study abroad.
  • Have successfully completed at least one semester at UMass Boston.
  • Transfer students are eligible after they have successfully completed one semester of full-time study at UMass Boston.
  • F-1 International Students: Eligible to study abroad in countries OUTSIDE home country. Must also have travel signature in order to maintain status in the US by seeing your ISSS Advisor.
  • Language Requirements: The majority of study abroad programs do not have a language requirement. Even in non-English speaking countries many programs offer courses in English. Check the individual programs for requirements.

*** Study Abroad Advising & Application Fee $250***

*** All students participating on Reciprocal Exchange, Affiliate, and Alternate Study Abroad Provider Programs or directly enrolling  are required to pay a $250 fee. This fee, along with UMass Boston required forms and documents will assure the following: maintenance of fulltime UMass student status while on approved program abroad; WISER remains active; Financial aid can be applied to overseas program; pre-approval of courses toward the UMass degree program; transcript processing; credits will be interpreted and applied to the UMass transcript upon return. In addition, students are provided with ongoing advising throughout the process. Pre-departure orientations are offered the semester before studying abroad. All UMass Boston students are also covered by UMass International Travel & Emergency Insurance while participating on an approved, overseas program. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Meet with your Academic Advisor

Eligible students are urged to talk with their faculty advisor as early as possible. You should meet with your advisor and be sure to ask about: 

  • What courses you need to take while abroad to stay on track to graduate? 
  • Which semester/term works for your expected graduation date? 
  • Your audit- look with an advisor to determine if you can save General Education courses for your time abroad?  

Prior Approval of Transfer Credits

You must complete a Request for Prior Approval of Study Abroad Transfer Credits Form, in consultation with an academic advisor. Follow these steps to complete the prior approval form:

  1. Browse course offerings  from the university/provider. For semester programs choose a minimum of 12 US credits (recommended to choose 2-3 back up courses) and fill out the form with the name of the courses. For summer and winter choose a few courses to have approved as back ups options as well.
  2. Print out course description/syllabus for each course you wish to take.
  3. Obtain a Signature from the Transfer Credit Evaluator in the Undergraduate Admissions Office, Campus Center UL You will need to submit course descriptions for EVERY course you are seeking pre-approval for to obtain the signature.
  4. Obtain a signature from the Department Chair of your major at UMass Boston, if you are taking courses in your major and admissions directs you to seek approval from your department.
  5. Obtain a signature from the Study Abroad Coordinator.
  6. Submit a copy of your Prior Approval with all signatures to: Undergraduate Admissions, Study Abroad Office, Financial Aid Office, and your Academic Department.

We have created a video tutorial on filling out this form and searching for classes here: 

Accreditation and Transfer of Credits

  • For the credit earned to be applied toward UMass Boston degree progress, a grade of C- or higher must be earned in academic work taken off campus.
  • Programs that carry a U.S. accreditation qualify for credit transfer to UMass Boston. Most study abroad programs are sponsored by an American university and therefore carry that institution's accreditation.
  • Direct enrollment credit transfer must be discussed and approved by a UMass Boston transfer credit evaluator.
  • Credits are awarded to your academic record at UMass Boston, but won't affect your GPA.
  • Courses will NOT transfer from abroad without a prior approval form completed. 
  • Courses that are approved to transfer to UMass Boston will be updated in the student's record once an official transcript has been received by the Office of Global Programs and evaluated by Undergraduate Admissions. 
  • If your courses from abroad are not appearing in your UMass Boston transcript, please be sure the Office of Global Programs has received your official transcript from abroad. 

If you have questions, please contact us at: