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Boston Birth Equity


The findings from this study will be used to develop policies and interventions identified by Black women to advance birth equity for themselves, their family, and their community.

This study is important because:

  • Black women in the United States are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related deaths compared to women of other races (CDC)
  • In Massachusetts, the maternal mortality data from 2015 show that the death rate for Black women is almost two times higher than that for white women.
  • Preterm birth accounts for 60-80% of all infant deaths
  • Black women in the United States are more likely to deliver their babies preterm compared to white women. For instance, if 10 white women have preterm births, 15 black women will have preterm birth

We want to learn about:

  • The effect of racism and sexism on your health and your most recent pregnancy, and your ability to effect change on your pregnancy and birth outcomes.
  • What you perceive are protective factors to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, as well as areas of challenge to achieve this goal.