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Energy and Carbon Master Plan

The goal of the Energy and Carbon Master Plan is to provide practical, cost-effective energy efficiency, electrification, on-site renewable, and resiliency solutions. By implementing a range of initiatives and investments, UMB aims to meet environmental mandates, significantly reduce emissions, and create a sustainable campus for the future. 

Sustainability and environmental justice are key themes of the recent Campus Master Plan. The Master Plan incorporates strategies including energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy sources, the use of recyclable and locally available materials, and clean transportation alternatives. The concurrently developed Energy and Carbon Master Plan (PDF) aims to operationalize these strategies and meet state climate change reduction goals. Through this plan, UMass Boston will meet the goals of Executive Order 594.

  • Executive Order 594 establishes iterative milestones to reduce GHG emissions from state government operations in alignment with the statewide goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • Progress is reported via the Commonwealth's Leading by Example dashboard

Cover of Energy and Carbon Master Plan with aerial view of campus

  • Sets the path to meet the 2050 goal to burn no onsite fossil fuels, reach net-zero emissions, and increase resilience
  • Prepared through a participatory process with the Chancellors’ Committee for Sustainability
  • Plans for growth while still reducing energy use in total
  • Accomplishes this by :
    1. Reducing building energy consumption and enhancing resiliency in existing buildings
    2. Building very efficient and resilient new buildings
    3. Switching fuel sources by electrifying the Central Building and expanding Sea-water pumps for heating & cooling
    4. Utilizing renewable energy on and offsite

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