Campus Center

Just for Students

More than just a building, the Campus Center is an epicenter of activity and a hub for community development.

Here under one roof, students can find a cozy, well-lit place to study, some one to help them with academic and administrative issues, activities and events to enjoy with other students, or a place to eat and socialize with friends. The Campus Center brings together all these things—and more—to support:

Student Life and Student Involvement
Consolidating student activities creates a strong sense of community and provides opportunities for student involvement and development through social, cultural, recreational, and leadership experiences.

Student and University Services
Housing a variety of offices and service areas, the Campus Center facilitates faster, more convenient, and more efficient delivery of academic, administrative, and campus services that support students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Campus Center Brochure

Your Gateway to Campus and Community Life at UMass Boston
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