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About Us


Here at the Child Development Unit of UMass Boston, under the direction of Edward Tronick, PhD, research and training is being conducted with regards to parenting and the development of young children. Whether you have already been an active participant in our studies, have just recently joined us, or would like to gain a better understanding of our work, we appreciate your interest.

Our unit has established a strong international reputation for its pioneering advances in the field of children's development, parenting and infant-parent therapeutic programs. More specifically, the unit is recognized for studies done on the assessment of newborn neurological and behavioral functioning and the social-emotional development of healthy infants and their mothers, among many more past and present studies.

We invite you to learn more about our unit, team of researchers, current research studies, and more related information by exploring the links on the left.

How Long We Have Been Researching

Edward Tronick founded the Child Development Unit at Boston Children's Hospital in 1970. The unit moved to the University of Massachusetts Boston in January 2012.