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University Conference on Teaching, Learning & Technology

Past Conferences

Last year's the 2014 University Conference on Teaching, Learning & Technology was held Thursday, May 15, 2014. The conference provided opportunities for sharing strategies and exploring issues that focus on inclusive teaching, learning, and curriculum and technology change in college classrooms. Additional details about the programs and many videotaped sessions from conferences from 2007-2014 are available on the conference website.

Since 1994, CIT has organized an annual conference on Teaching for Transformation. Beginning in 2011, CIT collaborated with IT/Educational Technology and Healey Library to host the conference collaboratively. The day-long conference includes presentations and workshops on a variety of issues that are critical to teaching and learning in a diverse, public institution of higher education. It provides opportunities for presenters across different educational institutions in the New England area to explore issues and share strategies that focus on inclusive teaching and curriculum change in college classrooms.

Conference Proceedings

Past conferences have been featured  through the publication of special issues of the journal Human Architecture, titled Teaching Transformations. Future conference proceedings will possibly be featured in a new journal that will consist of articles that reflect and grow out of the rich and diverse presentations that were made at the May 2015 University Conference on Teaching, Learning & Technology, that will showcase the creative efforts and reflective pedagogies of conference presenter

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