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As a resource for faculty campus-wide, CIT has developed a library that includes an extensive collection of journal articles, books and videos.

In 2001, an edited volume, Achieving Against the Odds: How Academics Become Teachers of Diverse Students, which focused on the pedagogical challenges of teaching at UMass Boston, was published. This collection includes chapters by faculty who have been involved in CIT and thus demonstrates the ways in which CIT's work has contributed to the teaching and learning of these UMass Boston faculty members.

Resources for Teaching

  1. Active Learning: What is it and what is the theoretical basis? Brame, C. (2016). Active learning. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. 
  2. Berkeley Center for Teaching & Learning (2022). Active learning classrooms. University of California Berkeley. 
  3. Bruff, D. (2018). Active Learning Classrooms. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

Center for Innovative Teaching

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