Faculty Seminars

Since 1983 more than 300 faculty across disciplines and from every college in the university have participated in intensive and collaborative faculty development seminars. These seminars consist of weekly meetings and an intensive pre-semester session, in which faculty from a range of disciplines and across colleges examine and interrogate issues relevant to teaching in an urban public institution such as UMass.


The Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT) is accepting applications for Fall 2017,Spring 2018, and Fall 2018. Seminars are open to all faculty members from all of the university’s colleges.

1. Faculty Seminar for Pre-Tenure Faculty (One in Spring 2018; Another in Fall 2018)

This seminar is intended to provide opportunities for pre-tenure faculty members to work collaboratively on issues of teaching and learning and on questions of professional development. The seminar will explore the differing perspectives, challenges, and pedagogical aspirations of participants and provide mutually supportive feedback. It will address teaching and learning concerns in light of the additional demands faced by untenured faculty members.

2. Faculty Seminar for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (Spring 2018)

This seminar is intended for non-tenure track faculty members to share and address different strengths they bring to teaching, and the challenges they face, and the visions that will enhance their individual teaching skills for a 21st century classroom environment. As a crucial form of professional development, sensitive to the demands faced by non-tenure track faculty members, this seminar will provide a platform where dialog and co-mentoring will be the central focus for learning in a collaborative and supportive environment. 

3. Themed Seminar for ALL faculty (Fall 2017)

This seminar is intended to support faculty in all departments and colleges who are looking for ways to revise deepen, strengthen and sustain their commitment to teaching and learning, in a supportive and collaborative environment. The theme will be Promoting Engaged Student Learning at Boston's Public Urban Research University. The focus will include pedagogical ideas and visions related to an existing course or a new project. We will also explore the impact of changing our pedagogies and sustaining ourselves. Come prepared to re-imagine your pedagogies while thinking about nurturing yourselves and your students.

What happens in CIT Seminars? How are they organized?

  • Each seminar provides opportunities to work and talk with colleagues from across the university about teaching and learning issues. Seminar participants are provided with much-needed time and support to consider and try out new ideas, to reflect on their own teaching, to explore students’ learning, to visit each other’s classes in order to learn and to consider their own teaching in a broader perspective. Participants will receive a seminar syllabus, text, and other readings to frame their weekly discussions.
  • Each seminar meets for a planning session before the semester begins and meets weekly during the semester. CIT seminar participants are expected to attend all sessions and share their new ideas and learning with members of their respective departments/colleges.
  • All seminar participation, including consultations and classroom observations, is strictly confidential and is not allowed to be part of personnel decisions or reviews of any kind.
  • Participation in a CIT seminar is suitable for listing on the UMass Boston Faculty AFR. Faculty may receive a stipend, pending budget finalization. Faculty participants must be sure to consult their chair, director, or center head, as well as dean concerning participation. The online application will generate an approval page for their signatures. 

To Apply

Those interested in participating in the seminar may apply online here
Online Applications are due by Monday, April 10, 2017

For more information contact:

Ping-Ann Addo 

Camille Martinez

For a list of seminar topics and faculty participants since fall 2000, click on this link: CIT SEMINARS

Session Recordings

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