Center for Innovative Teaching

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Faculty Seminars

Since 1983 over 300 faculty across disciplines and from every college in the university have participated in intensive and collaborative faculty development seminars. These seminars consist of weekly meetings and an intensive pre-semester session, in which faculty from a range of disciplines and across colleges examine and interrogate issues relevant to teaching in an urban public institution such as UMass.

Seminar for Untenured Faculty Members

This seminar is intended to provide opportunities for untenured junior faculty members to work collaboratively on issues of teaching and learning and on questions of professional development. The seminar will explore the differing perspectives, challenges, and pedagogical aspirations of participants and provide mutually supportive feedback. It will address teaching and learning concerns in light of the additional demands faced by untenured faculty members.

Thematic Seminar for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

This seminar is intended to address the theme "Engaging Students in a Changing University." It will be guided by existing knowledge and established approaches within the scholarship of teaching and learning. It will also take a research perspective on teaching, encouraging participants to raise questions about their own teaching contexts and to use those questions to frame inquiries into the effectiveness of particular teaching practices. Possible areas to explore might include promoting meaningful discussion and writing; teaching and learning for second language learners/immigrant populations; and the interface between technology, teaching and learning. 

Faculty Seminar for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

This seminar is intended for NTT faculty members to share and address different strengths they bring to teaching, and the challenges they face that will enhance individual teaching skills for a 21st century classroom environment and facilitate professional development.  This seminar will provide a platform where information sharing will be the central focus for learning in a collaborative and supportive environment concerning a variety of issues like teaching with newer technologies, teaching and learning in large classrooms, teaching in our globalized university environment, and teaching and learning in light of the demands faced by NTT faculty members. This is the first time that a seminar for NTT faculty exclusively is being offered.

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