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Saturday Camp

What does Camp Shriver mean to the 120 children we serve each year? Fun!

We know that Camp Shriver has an impact on campers’ social and motor skills (see Camp Shriver Evaluation), but for campers, the summer is about fun, games and friends.
Applications for Saturday Camp are open and will close on Sept. 15.


Why does the fun have to end when summer ends?

Together with our partner, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester, the Center for Social Development and Education is pleased to announce the launch of our latest program: Saturday Camp.

This program not only continues the summer fun, it also continues to promote children’s motor and social development. Saturday Camp meets two Saturdays each month to provide continual access to inclusive recreational opportunities and help our campers, with and without disabilities, build healthy habits for life.

On every other Saturday, campers (half of whom have a disability) gather together with friends from the summer, new friends from their local neighborhood, and the familiar faces of their coaches and counselors to participate in a variety of inclusive activates, including swimming, music, and team sports. Saturday Camp provides opportunities for motor skill development through the use of the Let’s All Play curriculum and other inclusive sport lessons. All activities are specifically designed to meet the needs of children with disabilities to ensure that all children have an opportunity to play.

In the future, CSDE will be launching similar efforts in additional communities throughout Boston.

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