Contact Us

Dorothy F. Renaghan
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management
Email: Dorothy.Renaghan@umb.edu
Telephone: 617.287.5486
Mobile: 617.438.4539
Fax: 617.287.5433

Shaun Curry
Director of Project Management
Email: Shaun.Curry@umb.edu
Telephone: 617.287.5630

Denise M. Duggan
Deputy Director of Facilities for Daily Service Operations
Email: Denise.Duggan@umb.edu
Telephone: 617.287.5456

Richard Graham
Director of Planning, Information and Analysis
Email: Richard.Graham@umb.edu
Telephone: 617.287.4836

Michael McGerigle
Deputy Director of Facilities for Utilities and Energy Management
Email: Michael.Mcgerigle@umb.edu
Telephone: 617.287.5069

James O'Day
Deputy Director of Facilities for Research and Teaching Laboratories
Email: James.Oday@umb.edu
Telephone: 617.287.5407

David Torrice
Deputy Director of Facilities for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems
Email: David.Torrice@umb.edu
Telephone: 617.287.5498


Please find below the directions to get to the Facilities office from Quinn Administration Building, Upper Level.



Facilities Department
Service and Supply Building
Upper Level, Room 001