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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - Graduate

For info for undergraduate students, visit Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) - Undergraduate.

Decisions to take courses as pass/fail may impact your SAP calculation. Passing (P) grades will factor in to the pace and timeframe components but will not factor in to GPA. Failing (F) grades will factor in to all three components: GPA, pace, and timeframe. Taking a course as Pass/Fail will not give you an opportunity to improve your GPA.

The Financial Aid Office evaluates Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward degree requirements annually at the end of each spring term or upon re-enrollment into the university. Students enrolled in a certificate program are evaluated at the end of each term. Graduate students placed on an academic plan are evaluated at the end of every term. The review of a student’s SAP status is based on the entire academic record, even if the student did not receive financial aid for previous semesters of enrollment. 

Graduate students must meet each of the following SAP criteria:

  • GPA: maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.
  • Pace: complete 67% of all credits/competencies attempted (total earned credits/total attempted credits)
  • Maximum Time Frame: attempt no more than 150% of the credits/competencies required of your degree program (max credits)

Students who do not meet the minimum SAP requirements are not eligible to receive financial aid. Financial aid applicants not meeting SAP standards will be sent written notification to their permanent address recorded in the University’s system. Students have the right to appeal their ineligibility for financial aid when extenuating circumstances exist. 

The Financial Aid Advisory Committee will review all appeals. Incomplete appeals will not be considered. The SAP Appeal Process is for financial aid purposes only. It does not substitute for the university’s review of a student’s academic standing.

See below for an overview of the Graduate SAP Appeal process or to see the Official SAP Policy.

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough of the SAP Appeal process, or see below for links to walkthroughs of individual steps.

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