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Preparing for an Aging Society through Research, Public Service, and Education

The Gerontology Institute carries out basic and applied social and economic research on aging and engages in public education on aging policy issues, with an emphasis in four areas: income security, health (including long-term care), productive aging (including transportation), and basic social and demographic research on aging.

The Institute's work on income security includes active participation in the national debate on Social Security reform. The Institute's research in this area includes minority participation in private pensions, reverse-equity mortgages, and income adequacy for elders.

The institute's Pension Action Center offers counseling for citizens on their pension rights.

Long-Term Care Projects  include analysis of options to strengthen long-term care financing, the development of improved measurements of the quality of long-term care, and technical assistance to the Massachusetts Legislature and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs on long-term care policy and program development.

The institute's work on productive aging focuses attention on employment, volunteer and educational opportunities for older adults, and transportation issues for older adults. Work in these areas has included a demonstration concerned with age discrimination in employment, a demonstration to assist councils on aging to develop stronger volunteer programs, and promoting safe mobility and alternatives for elders who have stopped driving.

The institute's learning in retirement program, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), is affiliated with the national network of learning in retirement programs organized by the Elder Hostel Institute.

The Institute's work on social demography includes research on the changing age composition in Massachusetts and in the U.S., educational attainments of Massachusetts elders, characteristics of householders and homeowners ages 65 and older, among other topics.

The institute provides editorial leadership for the Journal of Aging & Social Policy, a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal published by Taylor-Francis. The Journal is distinguished by its emphasis on policy and its attention to international developments.

Support for Educational Programs in Gerontology: The institute has a close relationship with the University's undergraduate and graduate gerontology programs. Senior Institute personnel teach in the PhD program in Gerontology. The institute provides apprenticeship opportunities for graduate students. Gerontology faculty members are active in conducting research in the Institute.

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