Sally Bould, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Women and aging, Poverty, Family

Contact: salbould@UDel.edu

Kathrin Boerner, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Adult development and aging, Coping with chronic illness, End of life, Bereavement

Contact kathrin.boerner@umb.edu

Natasha S. Bryant

Contact: (202) 508-1214, nbryant@leadingage.org

Jeffrey Burr, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Social demography of aging, Household composition and living arrangements, Race and ethnicity in aging populations, Labor force participation in later life, Productive activity in later life

Contact: 617.287.7318, jeffrey.burr@umb.edu

Frank Caro, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Long-term care, Productive aging

Contact: 617.287.7307, frank.caro@umb.edu

Yung-Ping Chen, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Financing and benefit structure of Social Security, Differential pension coverage for Black and Hispanic workers, Concept of and problems with Reverse Mortgages, New model for funding long-term care, Concept of and barriers to phased retirement

Contact: 617.287.7326, bing.chen@umb.edu

Marc A. Cohen, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Financing Long-Term Services and Supports, Private Long-Term Care Insurance, Fall Prevention, Service Utilization patterns of Disabled Elders, Family Caregiving, Care Management and Care Transitions, Managing Long-Term Services and Supports Populations

Contact: 617.287.7306, marc.cohen@umb.edu

Caitlin Coyle, PhD

Contact: 617. 287.7467, caitlin.coyle@umb.edu

Elizabeth Dugan, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Driving/Transportation and aging, Health and aging, Health politics and policy, Aging and long-term care

Contact: 617.287.7382, beth.dugan@umb.edu

Alison Gottlieb, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Health care disparities/aging and disability, Long-term care workforce

Contact: 617.287.7413, alison.gottlieb@umb.edu

Joan Hyde, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Senior housing, Assisted living, Assistive technology, Alzheimer's disease and dementia care, Long-term care policy

Contact: 617.287.2132, hyde@ivyhallseniorliving.com

Michael P. Johnson, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Management science planning models for public-sector facility location and service delivery, with applications to assisted housing and senior services

Contact: 617.287.6967, michael.johnson@umb.edu

K.R. Kaffenberger, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Health planning, Long-term care administration

Contact: 617.287.7302, krkaff@comcast.net

Helen Kerschner, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Driving/Transportation and aging,

Contact: 505.222.0620, hkerschner@beverlyfoundation.org

Edward A. Miller, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Federal and state policies affecting vulnerable populations (including the frail and disabled elderly, mentally ill, veterans, and urban underserved), Aging and long-term care, Telemedicine and e-health

Contact: 617.287.7313, edward.miller@umb.edu

Pamela Nadash, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Nursing home and home health care, Long-term care funding/Medicaid, Consumer-directed services in England

Contact: 617.287.7342, pamela.nadash@umb.edu

Taryn Patterson

Contact: 202-508-9427, tpatterson@leadingage.org

Frank Porell, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Outcome-based quality indicators of nursing home performance measurement, Profiling the disability risks of community elders, Hospitalization of nursing home residents, Market supply behavior of home healthcare agencies, Long-run consequences of sentinel injuries on elders

Contact: 617.287.7239, frank.porell@umb.edu

Adrienne Ruffin

Contact: 202-508-1213, aruffin@leadingage.org

Nina Silverstein, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Alzheimer's disease and dementia care, Driving/Transportation and aging, Residential options/home and community-based long-term care

Contact: 617.287.7317, nina.silverstein@umb.edu

Alisha Sanders

Contact: 202-508-1211, asanders@leadingage.org

Robyn Stone

Contact: 202-508-1206, rstone@LeadingAge.org

Robert Weiss

Contact: 617.287.7275, robert.weiss@umb.edu

Christian Weller, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Private pensions, Social Security, Retirement income security, Wealth inequality and asset development, Financial institutions, International economic development

Contact: 617.287.6938, christian.weller@umb.edu

Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD

Areas of Expertise: Personality development in middle and later adulthood

Contact: 617.287.7320, Susan.Whitbourne@umb.edu

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