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The Program

The Green Chemistry Track in the Chemistry PhD Program is the first such program in the world. Students obtaining a degree from this program will be prepared for conventional chemistry jobs in industry, government, and academia. In addition to traditional training in the chemical sciences, required and elective courses in the Biology Department and School for the Environment provide graduates with the tools and experience to assess human impact on health and the environment.

Green chemistry involves an ecologically sustainable view of chemical research, development, and manufacture. Toxicological understanding and environmental fate are necessary components to understanding the entire "molecular life cycle" of any commercial endeavor.

Typically, universities and academic departments lack the appropriate personnel and facilities to pursue a program of this kind. The unique complement of chemistry, EEOS, and biology department faculty has allowed the University of Massachusetts Boston to create such a program.

Degree Requirements

For the PhD in Chemistry/Green Chemistry Track, 60 credits are required from courses, seminars (CHEM 691 & 692), and Dissertation Research (CHEM 899), distributed as follows:


A complete listing of the faculty and their research interests is available elsewhere on this site.

Admission Requirements

The Chemistry Program will recommend admission for those applicants who present evidence of their ability to do graduate work with distinction. Applicants should present:

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (aptitude and advanced tests).
  • Three letters of recommendation.

For more information, contact the Graduate Program Director of the Chemistry Department, Prof Bela Torok

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