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Sample lectures, op-eds, and occasional papers on peace in Northern Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East

Sample Lectures
Sample Op-Eds
Sample Occasional Papers
Sample Editorials in New England Journal of Public Policy


Sample Lectures

"Conflict & Addiction"
March 4, 2010
A Presentation to the World Bank, Washington, D.C.

"Lebanon, Israel and the Hezbollah (Mis)fit:"  (PowerPoint)
October 6-8, 2009
Boston Public Library

"On the Road to Peacemaking: A Conversation with Jesus Christ"
April 30, 2009
Boston College

The Helsinki Agreement: Framing the Debate in Iraq
September 23, 2008
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

The Helsinki Talks: A Step Forward for Iraq or More Time Outs?
May 8, 2008
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Sharing the Peace? Northern Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East (PowerPoint)
May 10, 2007

Sample Op-Eds

‘Madiba’ helped bring peace to Northern Ireland
Boston Globe, December 7, 2013

In Ireland, Lessons and a Beating
May 27, 2009

A Matter of Loyalty in Iraq
July 15, 2008

Road Map Toward Peace
September 25, 2007

Paisley's Politics Pays Off
March 27, 2007

A Questionable Future for South Africa's Democracy
February 28, 2006

Requiem for the IRA
August 1, 2005

South Africa's Failure in Zimbabwe
March 30, 2005

Political Bedfellows in Northern Ireland
September 23, 2004

The South African Genocide in AIDS Policies
April 13, 2004

N. Ireland Pact Fails on Verge of Success
October 25, 2003

Trust is the Key in Ulster
October 19, 2002

A Sham Summit in South Africa
August 27, 2002

Time to Scrap the Flawed N. Ireland Accord
March 3, 2001

The Big Picture in Ireland
December 16, 2000

Even if Good Friday Agreement Dies, Northern Ireland Peace Can Survive
April 21, 2000

Eleven Issues Threaten Good Friday Agreement
March 16, 2000

Peace in Ireland: 'Tis and 'Tisn't
November 18, 1999

A Collision Course in Ulster
September 2, 1999

Sample Occasional Papers

Northern Ireland and South Africa: Hope and History at the Crossroads
March 2000

Northern Ireland Peace Talks: Endgames
March 1998

Ramaphosa and Meyer Lecture in Belfast - "The South Africa Experience: How the New South Africa was Negotiated"
June 1996

A Pre-Negotiation Guide to the Conflict in Northern Ireland
June 1996

Religion and Conflict: The Case of Northern Ireland
June 1995

Northern Ireland - The Changing Paradigm: Politics and the Constitution
November 1993

Sample Editorials in New England Journal of Public Policy

The New England Journal of Public Policy, produced at UMass Boston's McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, has a distinguished reputation for providing timely insights on important policy issues such as AIDS, climate change, poverty, and war, among many others. It is now published as an open source journal and available at Scholarworks.

Vol. 25, Issue 1, 2013
Special issue on Youth at Risk

Vol. 22, Issue 1 and 2, Spring 2007
Special issue on Women

Vol. 21, Issue 2
June 2007
Special issue on Climate, Water, and Oil

Vol. 20, Issue 1
Fall/Winter 2004-2005
Special issue on the War on Poverty: Unfinished Business

Vol. 19, Issue 1, 2003
Special issue on War in the 21st Century

Vol. 17, Issue 1
Fall/Winter 2001
Congressman John Joseph Moakley's impact