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A Joint Statement from Public MA AANAPISI Institutions

04/02/2020| Pam Eddinger, Jim Mabry, and Katherine Newman

In the wake of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, Asian communities in the Greater Boston area and across the United States have experienced heightened xenophobic reactions. People perceived to be of Chinese or Asian descent have been targeted with discriminatory acts or endured general harassment.

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“ We repudiate racism. We celebrate the unique cultural wealth and strengths of our Asian American communities. ”

Misinformation and politicization of this illness have caused anxiety and lasting economic harm to our Asian communities. As we watch the rampant course of COVID-19 through Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America/U.S., we know that it observes no national or ethnic boundaries. The fear of this destructive virus has magnified the divisiveness within our society and our nation. Only our care for one another can mitigate our fears; only our compassion for everyone safeguards our society.

As the Asian American Native American and Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) of Massachusetts public institutions—Bunker Hill Community College, Middlesex Community College, and the University of Massachusetts Boston—stand together to affirm our faith in the humanity of all people. We repudiate racism and all forms of discrimination. We celebrate the unique cultural wealth and strengths of our Asian American communities.

Please report any incident of discrimination to college or university officials or local law enforcement. Please keep one another safe through these turbulent times.

Pam Eddinger
Bunker Hill Community College

Jim Mabry
Middlesex Community College

Katherine Newman
Interim Chancellor
UMass Boston