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Professor Nardia Haigh Wins 2020 ONE Book Award for Scenario Planning for Climate Change

09/01/2020| Crystal Valencia

Associate Professor of Management and acclaimed climate change strategist Nardia Haigh was awarded the 2020 Book Award from the Organizations and Natural Environment (ONE) Division of the Academy of Management this summer for her guide on how to adapt to what climate change may bring.

Professor Nardia Haigh holds up her book, Scenario Planning for Climate Change.

Haigh’s book, Scenario Planning for Climate Change, sets out an engaging step-by-step scenario planning method that executives, board members, managers, and consultants can follow to develop a long-term strategy for climate change tailored for any business.

Haigh said she was excited to receive the award.

“My goal in writing the book was to codify a scenario planning method and apply it to climate change, so that any manager, who might be a lay person in terms of climate science, can learn about how climate change could affect their organization, and understand what they should be doing to prepare,” she said. “Previous recipients of this award are some of the scholars I admire most, and it’s a great honor to be counted among them.”

The ONE Division is a group of scholars that study, teach, and engage with business and policymakers on a wide variety of topics related to environmental sustainability. The ONE Book Award recognizes the best book published in the previous three years in the area of organizations and the natural environment.

“It was a unanimous decision, we loved Scenario Planning for Climate Change for bringing sound research to practitioners and its ability to inspire them to include scenario planning for climate change in their decision-making process. A wonderful read,” stated the 2020 ONE Book Award Committee.

Originally from Australia, Haigh has spent the better part of 15 years researching how businesses react to climate change. She has taught hundreds of executives and business students how to strategize for climate change resilience using scenario planning. Her work has been profiled in Forbes, and cited in outlets such as FastCompanyThe Seattle Times, PBS Newshour, and The Guardian

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