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Stanford-Elsevier Ranking of Top 2% Top-cited Researchers Includes Over 30 from UMass Boston

03/30/2023| Office of Communications

Over three dozen UMass Boston current and past researchers appear on the 2022 Stanford-Elsevier list of the world’s most-cited scholars. Being included on this list is a powerful testament to the reach and impact of the research taking place at the university.

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To create the publicly available database of top-cited scientists, a group of scientists at Stanford University developed a ranking method based on standardized citation metrics that considers total author number and author position. Modern academic research is highly collaborative, though authors in the first and last positions typically indicate the researchers who led or supervised a published research project, respectively. Originally published in the PLOS Biology Journal in 2020, Elsevier released the most recent update of the ranking in November 2022.

Biology Professor Liam Revell said, “The large number of UMass Boston faculty on this list is a strong reflection of our identity as the leading public research university in metropolitan Boston, and should be a source of pride for our institution.”

Current UMass Boston researchers in the 2022 overall top 100,000 globally most highly-cited scientists:

Liam J. Revell, PhD (7,298 citations)

David L. Levy, DBA (3,733 citations)

Wei Zhang, PhD (5,993 citations)

Richard A. Soref, PhD (15,768 citations)

Jacqueline Fawcett, RN, PhD, ScD (hon); FAAN, ANEF (2,168 citations)

Christopher A. Fuchs, PhD (7,176 citations)
Maxim Olshanii, PhD (5,950 citations)

Alice Carter, PhD (12,488 citations)
Heidi M. Levitt, PhD (2,933 citations)
Paul G. Nestor, PhD (8,189 citations)
Jean E. Rhodes, PhD (6,207 citations)

Though not in the top 100,000, additional researchers currently at UMass Boston who appear in the 2022 top 2% most-cited ranking by sub-field include the following:

Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco, PhD (1347 citations)

Stephen W. Silliman, PhD (924 citations)

Computer Science
Gabriel Ghinita (3,309 citations)
Xiaohui Liang, PhD (5,479 citations)

Michael F. Tlusty, PhD (1,724 citations)

Edward Alan Miller, PhD, MPA (2,656 citations)

Robin Côté, PhD (5,454 citations)
Greg Sun, PhD (4,957 citations)

Mark R. Warren, PhD (1001 citations)