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UMass Boston and Wipro Provide New Grant to Support Vertical Teams

06/30/2023| Office of Communications

The Wipro Science Education Fellowship program, as administered by the Center of Science and Math in Context (COSMIC) at UMass Boston is pleased to announce that Tal SebellShavit and Cambridge Public Schools have been awarded a grant in the amount of $19,800 to implement vertical teams within their educational framework. This competitive funding opportunity has been secured through a rigorous selection process, marking an exciting new chapter in Cambridge Public Schools' development.

Vertical teams, a concept that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and seamless educational transitions across different grade levels, has the potential to bring significant positive change to the Cambridge schools. The implementation of this model signifies a dedicated effort to innovate and advance educational methods for the benefit of students, staff, and the wider educational community.

"Mr. SebellShavit's commitment to excellence in education and innovative thinking stood out in the proposal," said Arthur Eisenkraft, Distinguished Professor of Science Education, Professor of Physics and Director of the Center of Science and Math in Context (COSMIC) at UMass Boston. "We believe their project embodies the academic and professional development that the Wipro Science Education Fellowship (Wipro SEF) program strives to encourage and nurture."

This award highlights SebellShavit’s and Cambridge Public Schools' commitment to pursuing and implementing innovative educational strategies, with the ultimate aim of enhancing student outcomes and professional development. Their efforts will set a precedence for other institutions, demonstrating the transformative potential of vertical teaming.

UMass Boston is proud to partner with SebellShavit and Cambridge Public Schools on this project, offering support as they embark on this exciting venture. Wipro SEF eagerly anticipates the positive impact this project will bring, marking a significant step forward for educational advancement.

For more information about the vertical teams implementation at Cambridge Public Schools and 35 school districts nationwide or the Wipro Science Education Fellowship program, contact Arthur Eisenkraft (