About Us

The Office of Community Partnerships (OCP) seeks to identify, strengthen, and support the creation of collaborative community partnerships that advance our mission as Boston's public research university.

Our strategies include:  

  1. Gateway for Partnerships – Serving as a connector and front door for campus and community stakeholders to strengthen existing or create new partnerships, OCP focuses on facilitating long-term, deep, strategic partnerships that go beyond one-time opportunities.
  2. Harnessing Campus Capacity for Impact – Leveraging the strength of our campus community members by bolstering community-engaged work in the areas of teaching, research, service and leadership; enhancing community impact by fostering collective approaches that are holistic, constructive, and transformative; convening to encourage coordination.
  3. Elevating University-Community Projects – Highlighting partnerships and celebrating community-empowered projects that demonstrate relevance and impact, are defined by the core principles of reciprocity and equity, and are making significant contributions at the local level and beyond.
  4. Resource Hub on Partnerships – Gathering, organizing, and analyzing information on UMass Boston partnerships in order to better understand and help align efforts for long-term and sustainable community-university impacts; creating resources for campus and community members on high quality partnerships.