UMass Boston


The Office of Community Partnerships is the gateway to community-engaged teaching, research, service, and university-community partnerships. If you are interested in or already are engaged in community-based collaborations we have a number of resources available to faculty to help strengthen your relationships or get started in community engagement. 

Activity Descriptions

UMass Boston engages in a variety of partnership activities that exchange knowledge and resources between the university and the public, private, and nonprofit sectors in order to address and better understand a societal issue or concern.  The Office of Community Partnerships strives to engage with partners in multiple ways through teaching and learning, research, service, and economic engagement activities that adhere to the core values of collaboration and reciprocity. 

Professional Development

UMass Boston offers a number of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff from individual consultations with the Office of Community Partnerships to a number of campus offices.

Partnership Development

Partnership activities can take many forms and intensities.  They can range from one-time special events to ongoing, fully integrated initiatives.  Activities can address primary or secondary needs directly or indirectly and can be specific or holistic in nature.  Some activities are tied to dedicate funding sources with pre-defined objectives while others are unfunded and organically developed.  The most effective partnerships build on existing resources and are closely tied to stakeholder interests and responsibilities.  However, partnerships can also serve as an impetus for securing additional funding as well as creating new programs and infrastructure within the stakeholder institutions.

Additional Reading

OCP has compiled a number of resources to help shape UMass Boston's efforts and are excellent resources for advancing the field.