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OIRAP Policies

OIRAP follows the ethical guidelines of the professional Association for Institutional Research (AIR):
AIR Code of Ethics

OIRAP Data Security Policy


James Hughes, Associate Provost for Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning
Contact: jamesj.hughes@umb.edu

Awat Osman, Administrative Assistant
Contact: awat.osman@umb.edu

Douglas Ducharme, Associate Director for Assessment and Institutional Research
Contact: douglas.ducharme@umb.edu

Annie Lin, Associate Director, Systems Analysis and Reporting
Contact: annie.lin@umb.edu

Fatema Ahad, Research Analyst for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
Contact: fatema.ahad@umb.edu

James Castiola, Senior Data Specialist
Contact: james.castiola@umb.edu

Bruce Haimowitz, Senior Data Specialist
Contact: bruce.haimowitz@umb.edu