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About the Women’s Pipeline for Change

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The Women’s Pipeline for Change is a coalition of innovative women of color leaders, women of color-led organizations, and allies focused on expanding opportunities for public leadership among progressive women of color in Massachusetts. The pipeline is building a sustainable infrastructure to support progressive women of color as they enter, navigate, and move up the pipeline to public leadership. Since 2008, the pipeline has identified several initiatives to understand, build and support progressive women of color in public leadership that complement current organizations and resources. Pathways to Political Leadership for Women of Color is one of these initiatives, established in 2011 as a research partnership with UMass Boston's Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy of the John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies.

Our members represent a wide range of fields, skills, and backgrounds, from community organizations, political organizing and advocacy, to academia and research, training, and leadership development. We invite you to learn more about our member organizations, current leaders, and the resources they offer to support women of color in public leadership in Massachusetts:



  • Celina Barrios-Millner
  • Suzanne Lee
  • Carin Schiewe
  • Digna Scott Herrera