UMass Boston


Suggested Resource List for Women of Color Developing Political Skills and Networks

Training for Potential Candidates

Training on Political, Policy, and/or Campaign Skills (may require meeting eligibility criteria and completing an application process)

Political Networking Events

Campaign Support (may require meeting eligibility criteria and completing a formal endorsement process)

Selected Research Publications and Resources

Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, University of Massachusetts Boston

Gender and Multi-Cultural Leadership Project
Political Parity’s Women of Color in American Politics Research Inventory
Barbara Lee Family Foundation
Center for American Women in Politics, Rutgers University
Hardy-Fanta, C., Lien, P., Pinderhughes, D., & Sierra, M. (2006). Race, gender, and descriptive representation in the United States: Findings from the Gender and Multicultural Leadership Project. Co-published simultaneously in Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, 28 (3/4), 2006, 7-41 and Hardy-Fanta, C. (2006). Intersectionality and Politics: Recent Research on Gender, Race, and Political Representation in the United States. Haworth Press.